Classic Lingerie Morning

Brad's Description
Picture of woman bending over in lacey half-slip bra full-fashioned stockings high-heels From her dizzyingly-high heels to her lacy bra, Sonia is the picture of feminine womanhood. Dressed in lingerie that defines femininity, she goes about her morning tasks. With each movement, Sonia reveals more of her womanly curves and more of the sensuous lingerie caressing those curves... tan full-fashioned stockings clipped to white satin garter straps, and a beautiful matching set of full-cut nylon brief panties, a silky and lacey half-slip, and a lacey well-filled brassiere, all in a pale shade of green. This photo set contains many close-ups and unique camera angles, all designed to make you feel as though you're right there with Sonia, close enough to smell her perfume! 
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