Layers of Vintage Beauty (part 2)

Brad's Description
picture of woman wearing girdle stockings high-heels petticoat Sonia reveals more layers of her beautiful vintage undergarments, and her beautiful self, in the second part of this series. She lifts her feminine crinoline petticoat, showing you her stocking tops as they attach to her lacy full open-bottom girdle. Slowly and seductively, she teases, pulling down the shoulder straps of her girdle, revealing the luscious curves of her breasts. Then she slides her petticoat down over her girdle-encased hips and past her shapely legs, covered in silky nylon full-fashioned stockings. At last she peels her girdle down revealing the final layer - her vintage white nylon brief panties. And now, in just her panties and pink high-heels, she teases with her panties, pulling them this way and that, sliding them down and pulling them back up, savoring the sensuous feeling of that final layer...
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