Layers of Vintage Beauty (part 1)

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picture of woman wearing girdle stockings high-heels petticoat
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Sonia looks so glamourous and feminine in her vintage pink chiffon dress. And she has all of the beautiful layers of vintage lingerie on underneath it, that a proper woman should wear! As Sonia lifts the hem of her dress, you see the crisp layers of a beautiful crinoline slip, and beneath that, the snug lacey fabric of her white open-bottom full girdle. She reaches down and adjusts one of the clasps of her girdle, which is clipped to her silky nylon full-fashioned stockings. And as she sits on the couch, you can see up her dress and her girdle, to the shiney white nylon gusset of her full-cut brief panties. Sonia puts on a show, giving us views of all of these pretty layers, from every angle... crossing and uncrossing her legs, lifting up her dress, letting you peek up her dress from way down low on the floor. Sonia finishes by lifting her dress off over her head to give us an unobstructed view of all of her beautiful undergarments.
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