Desert Briefs

Brad's Description
Desert Briefs On a road trip through the desert, Sonia makes a rest stop by the side of the road. As she reaches into the back of her truck to get a snack from the ice chest, you see the crotch of her pretty white brief panties and the tops of her silky tan full-fashion stockings. Perched atop her white spike heels, she stands by the roadside flashing her panties and her lacy white shelf bra. She unbuttons her little dress and walks off into the desert. With cars passing on the road behind her, she looks spectacular tiptoeing through the desert in just her underwear - her brief panties hugging the curves of her hips and her perfect nipples on display in her half-cup bra. After relieving herself by some desert shrubs, she draws her panties back up her legs and makes her way back to the truck to continue her trip.
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