Sheer Panties at Mammoth Falls

Brad's Description
Sheer Panties at Mammoth Falls Sonia walks down to the river's edge, teetering atop her pale yellow spike heels. Her sheer pink flowered dress is too short to cover her stocking tops and garter straps. And as she steps from one rock to another, the lacy front of her sheer white bikini panties is exposed. Sonia seems almost helpless, like a damsel in distress, dressed in high-heels and delicate underthings, in this rugged environment. As she bends down to catch her balance, the rear-view of her sheer panties is even more breathtaking than the waterfall behind her. It's amazing that she has panties so sheer, without a cotton crotch panel! Finally Sonia removes her tan RHT nylon stockings, and her dress, and exposes herself by the waterfall at Mammoth Lakes, in just her panties and heels.
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