Full-Slip Sheer Pantyhose

Brad's Description
Full-Slip Sheer Pantyhose Sonia is outside of our hotel feeding the night birds, when she decides to start teasing me with her white sheer-to-waist pantyhose. She sits down on the curb giving me peeks up her dress, where I can also see that she is wearing a pretty, white, vintage full-slip. When she stands up, she starts lifting the hem of her dress, flashing her sexy see-through hose. Standing in the courtyard of the hotel, she slips out of her dress, now wearing just her slip, pantyhose and heels, right out there in public! But Sonia is going to take this teasing game farther... First she lowers the top of her slip and removes her lacy white bra. Then she lifts up her slip and starts pulling down her pantyhose. With her pantyhose and bra off, she only has the lacy white nylon of her slip as a modicum of modesty, should she meet any passers-by. And even the slip fails to cover her breasts, as the straps slide down off of her shoulders!
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