See-Through Babydoll (part 1)

Brad's Description
white see-through babydoll nightie Oh, to be a fly on the wall, watching the sexy neighbor lady get dressed up in her feminine underthings. Once again, my adolescent fantasies come alive in this photo set. I feel like a 14 year-old boy watching Mrs. Dane slip her sheer babydoll nightie on over her head, and slide her nylon stockings up her shapely legs. The see-through material reveals, more than it covers. Its purpose is to enhance her beauty, intensify her femininity, to tease and allure, and to maximize the sexual desire of anyone fortunate enough to gaze upon her. But I'm glad I'm not that 14 year-old boy. Because, if I came to her door and found her wearing this see-through babydoll, I'm fairly certain that my heart would drop to my stomach and my head would explode! And... well... I wouldn't want such a pretty lady to have to clean up the mess :-)
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