Getting Wet

Brad's Description
wet in stockings high-heels wet t-shirt Sonia is out by the pool wearing only a sheer blouse, ivory colored hip-hugger briefs, stockings, garters, and sexy strappy high-heels. She is laying down by the jacuzzi and when she rolls over to reach for the beach ball in the water, she loses her balance and falls into the hot tub, lingerie, heels, and all! She is soaked from the shoulders down. And what was once a sheer revealing blouse, becomes virtually transparent! Her full breasts and perfect nipples are clearly revealed through the wet and clinging fabric. Sonia steps up on the top step and peels her soaked panties down her glistening stockinged legs. Sonia's breasts are further revealed with some close-ups that are so close-up you can see the mesh of her blouse's fabric. Since she's already wet, Sonia decides to step back into the jacuzzi in her wet heels, stockings, and blouse. From the side she is back-lit, a clear outline of her breasts in silhouette is tantalizingly clear, as she leans forward on her hands. Then she gets back in the water to luxuriate in the crystal clear water, teasing us, as ripples in the water are the only thing obscuring the view of some of her most intimate feminine areas.
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