Sheer Bed Jacket & Shiny Briefs (part 1)

Brad's Description
vintage chiffon bed jacket shiny white nylon brief panties full-fashioned nylon stockings I have been asked if Sonia actually wears the lingerie that she wears in her pictures, in her daily life. And I'm delighted to tell you that she does! In a world where women are encouraged to dress more and more like men, I am blessed to have found a woman that still knows how to be feminine and to dress in feminine things. Sonia is so at-home in her revealing vintage chiffon bed jacket, shiny white nylon brief panties, and garters with full-fashioned nylon stockings. She walks gracefully and easily in her stiletto high-heels. Her femininity is a gift that she nurtures and shares with us through these pictures, allowing us to view her in her feminine underthings from every angle. And the close-up shots are so engaging that you can almost smell the scent of her perfume. 
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