Grocery Shopping

Brad's Description
Downblouse Picture of woman bending over full-fashioned stockings high-heels One of my favorite things to do with Sonia is to go out in public with her dressed in a sexy and revealing outfit. In this photo set Sonia returns a video to Blockbuster before going to the grocery store. When she bends over to put the video tape in the car, you begin to see where this photo set is going! From the rear, you see her tan full-fashioned stockings, and get a peek at her white bikini panties up her skirt, as well as a great view of her breasts up her very short sweater. The sexy peeks continue as she returns the video to the quick-drop slot, capturing the interest of the two young men working inside. Then it's on to the grocery store where Sonia bends low and reaches high, never quite able to keep her breasts covered by her sweater as she gets her groceries off the shelf. My favorite shot is one where she's trying to hold about 5 big cans of cat food in her arms. And as she walks back to her cart, she doesn't realize that one of her breasts is exposed all the way up to her nipple!
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