Sheer White Bikini Panties

Brad's Description
sheer white nylon bikini panties see-through This photo set starts off with some great views up Sonia's skirt. Looking up her skirt you see her pretty, see-through, white, bikini panties!But to say that those pretty panties are what this photo set is all about, would be neglecting to mention how she starts off in a push-up bra and changes into a sheer cup bra, through which you can plainly see her amazing nipples! And, it would be neglecting to mention the white full-fashion nylon stockings she is wearing, or the strappy 5 inch heels. But the series of pictures that made this photo set earn this name, is the series where Sonia changes from her sheer-back, lace-front bikinis, into her all-sheer bikinis. Now THAT's a panty lovers dream!
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