Ivana's English Lesson

Brad's Description
Ivana's English Lesson Ivana comes over to Sonia's house for an English lesson. She is from the Czech Republic, and is learning to speak English. Sonia tries to keep Ivana focused on her studies. But Ivana has other things in mind (like peeking up the teacher's dress and touching her nylon-clad legs). Sonia tries to keep her naughty student in line with her bamboo cane, but she soon becomes distracted too. And before you know it, they have both forgotten about English, as they focus on discovering (or un-covering) the pretty lingerie each is wearing under her suit. Slips, camisoles, bras, panties, stockings, garters... all that feminine clothing, on two such beautiful women! No wonder they can't keep their minds on their studies. 
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