Pink Slip (part 1)

Brad's Description
pic looking up skirt at pink panties slip Sonia comes home from a business meeting. You watch as she steps from her car, revealing the sexy underthings she's wearing beneath her business suit. She extends a leg from the car. You see pink stockings, pink high-heels, and the hem of her short pink full-slip. When she turns in her seat, you see the crotch of her skimpy pink and white thong panties. And as she bends to retrieve some things from the front seat, and later the trunk, she gives some breathtaking views up her skirt. And from the front, she gives some equally breathtaking downblouse peeks as her nipple escapes from the cup of her bra. As she walks up the path to her house, you hope she has more in store for you. And Sonia doesn't disappoint. Stopping on the front porch, she unbottons her jacket and slides her skirt down her nylon-clad legs, revealing the lacy feminine beauty of her pink slip.
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