Lingerie Clothesline (part 2)

Brad's Description
woman in camisole hanging lingerie on clothesline Sonia continues to hang her pretty panties, sexy nighties, and silky slips on her clothesline to dry. She steps over you, and you have a worm's-eye-view up her skirt. The shoulder strap of her Vanity Fair camisole falls off her shoulder and exposes her breast as she pins her frillies to the line. With most of her lingerie hanging on the line to dry, Sonia sits down and removes her stockings. Slowly she rolls the sheer nylon RHT stockings down her legs and peels them off. Then she reaches under her little skirt and pulls her panties down her legs and steps out of them. Her garter is next, and she gives some tantalizing downblouse views as she bends over to slide her garterbelt down her legs, her camisole falling away from her breasts. After hanging her stockings on the line, Sonia teases in her special way, lowering her camisole and letting her skirt blow up to her waist as she grabs her clothesline, holding on to her sheer little panties for support!
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