Lingerie Clothesline (part 1)

Brad's Description
downblouse pic of sonia hanging lingerie on clothesline This photo set is a fantasy come true! Sonia has hand-washed some of her prettiest lingerie. And now she must hang it out to dry. First she must set up the clothesline. So she climbs a step ladder to tie the line to a post. On the ladder we can see up her little skirt! And she's wearing some beautiful see-through brief panties with ruffles around the legs. On the way down the ladder (and on many other occassions) a breeze blows her skirt up revealing more of her sheer sexy full brief panties. With the clothesline hung, she gets her basket of damp frilly lingerie and begins hanging all her pretty things on the line to dry. As Sonia takes her panties, slips, and nighties from her basket and pins them to the line, she give many teasing downblouse views of her cleavage and breasts, and many tempting views up her skirt of the pretty white panties she's wearing. Now wouldn't this be a site to see, looking into your neighbor's backyard!
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