Pink Slip Pink Briefs

Brad's Description
picture mature woman pink full-slip pink brief panties Sitting on the edge of her bed, leafing through a book, Sonia is a vision of feminine lovliness. The silky lacy material of her pink full-slip hugs her soft curves. Her bare legs are crossed. She playfully lifts up the lacy hem of her slip to show you her pretty pink Olga brief panties. Bending over to adjust one of her pink high-heels, the shoulder strap of her slip slides off her shoulder, offering a quick peek at one of her perfectly erect nipples. She stands in front of the mirror, holding her slip up, to examine her pretty panties more closely. Then slowly, seductively, Sonia lowers her slip exposing her full breasts, then her silky full-cut panties, then her legs, until she stands exposed in nothing but her panties and her pumps!
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