See-Through Gown (part 2)

Brad's Description
see-through petticoat gown satin bra garter stockings Sonia plays with her vintage gown, lifting the layers to see how much you can see through the sheer material. And with her panties now gone, the view is spectacular! A breeze blows her dress up, exposing her to the waist. Her tan stockings and her garterbelt are now on display, along with the shapely curves of her hips and her bottom. Then, after unzipping the back of her gown, Sonia sits on the steps and lowers the bodice of her gown, revealing her golden satin bra. She lowers the cups of the bra one-at-a-time, showing off her full breasts, before unclasping it and holding it out by one of the straps. Sonia's gown then falls to the floor. She unclasps her garter clips and peels off her stockings, finally posing for one more beautiful picture, sitting on the stairs in nothing but her cream-colored pumps.
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