See-Through Gown (part 1)

Brad's Description
upskirt picture of mature beauty wearing white satin panties and stockings Sonia is wearing a beautiful vintage gown. As she stands on the stairs, the late afternoon sun shines through the sheer fabric of her dress, showing her stocking-covered legs in silhouette. From a different angle, you see her pretty ivory colored brief panties beneath her see-through gown. And when she lifts up the outer layer, you see even more clearly, her panties, garter, and the tops of her vintage RHT stockings. A breeze lifts up her gown and it floats above her waist, completely revealing all of her sexy underthings. Then Sonia begins to tease, showing you her panties, stockings, and high-heels from different angles. And slowly, ever-so-slowly, she rolls her panties down over her hips, her thighs, and her shapely calves, leaving them tantalizingly around her stiletto heels.
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