Sheer Pink Temptation (part 2)

Brad's Description
blonde in a nightie with hand in her sheer panties After having removed her pink stockings and sheer pink bed jacket in part 1, Sonia's focus turns to her VERY sheer pink bikini panties! These see-through panties are soooo sexy! They're sheer all the way around (no cotton crotch panel), so they do little to provide modesty as you view them from many angles. In Sonia's alluring panty-teasing style, she runs her fingers under the tiny elastic waistband and begins pulling them down over her hips. But she's not taking them off... She's just teasing, as she pulls her panties down, pulls them back up, slides her hand inside the front, then down the back. Then with her little pink panties pulled half-way down her thighs, she starts teasing with the cups of her babydoll nightie, allowing her beautiful breasts to escape their silken confines. These pictures show the true escense of Sonia's feminine charm. And after viewing them, I think you may feel that you know Sonia a little bit better!
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