Sheer Pink Temptation (part 1)

Brad's Description
picture of blonde wearing pink babydoll nightie Sonia drives me crazy in this outfit!! Pink, pink, and more pink... and all of it sheer, feminine, and revealing. She is wearing a sheer pink bed jacket over a sheer pink babydoll nightie. Her sheer pink stockings are held up by her pretty pink garter belt. And best of all... Sonia is wearing the sexiest, most see-through, sheer pink string bikini panties I have ever seen! As she cleans her dining room set, Sonia is sheer temptation. Each picture reveals more as she moves about the dining room bending and stretching this way and that. Her bed jacket comes off, giving an even more unobstructed view of her panties, and what lies beneath! Then she stops her cleaning and peels her stockings off one at a time, exposing her smooth shapely legs and her pretty feet. Reclining in one of the dining room chairs with her garter in her hands, she gives a tempting and sultry look, making you wonder what pleasures might come in part 2!
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