Lost in Griffith Park

Brad's Description
Sonia Dane - Lost in Griffith Park upskirt picture Walking through Griffith Park, in the Hollywood Hills, Sonia makes the mistake of stepping off the beaten path to explore a pretty clearing she sees down the slope. Little does she know that the slope is steeper than she thinks and that the dirt and leaves are loose and slippery. High-heels, nylon stockings, a see-through mesh blouse, and a tiny pleated mini-skirt that barely covers her sexy white panties, are hardly the clothes that most would choose for such an adventure. And soon Sonia finds out why... As she slips and slides down the treacherous slope, her panties are repeatedly exposed. Her blouse catches on a tree stump and is pulled up, exposing her breast. Then she snags and tears her delicate stockings. It's one sexy mishap after another, as Sonia desperately tries to make her way back up the slope. Hanging on to a tree trunk, Sonia's little skirt catches on a branch as she begins to lose her grip. Her skirt is pulled higher and higher until she loses her grip and the skirt is torn from her as she slides further down the hill, scraping her leg. Sonia makes an amazingly sexy damsel-in-distress, now lost in Griffith Park wearing nothing but high-heels, panties, and a see-through top. How will she ever make it back to safety? Will anyone help her?
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