Wet Camisole

Brad's Description
erect nipples wet see-through camisole high-heels silky panties One of Sonia's best assets... actually TWO (or is it four?) ... are her full voluptuous breasts and her amazing perpetually-erect nipples! Honestly, seeing Sonia's pert nipples poking tents in her blouse, is the first thing about her that grabbed my attention when we met so many years ago. Yes. The day I met Sonia, those attention-demanding assets were unfettered beneath her blouse. This photo set displays Sonia's beautiful breasts and nipples in what is surely one of the best ways to view them: a wet see-through camisole. When Sonia steps into the Jacuzzi in nothing but her high-heels, a pair of silky panties, and a curve-hugging white camisole, her amazine body is immediately on display! Next her panties come off and float around in the hot tub. Finally, we are treated to some breathtaking views of what Sonia has been hiding (not so well) beneath her wet panties and camisole. Sonia looks gorgeous as she lounges naked in the water, wearing nothing but a pair of soaking-wet six-inch high-heel pumps (which were sacrificed to the Jacuzzi gods in this photo set, for your viewing pleasure).
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