White Satin Blouse

Brad's Description
satin blouse nipples bra breasts downblouse views red bikini panties nylon stockings What a wonderful thing a satin blouse is! And that goes double, when Sonia's wearing it. The light clingy fabric caresses the fullness of her breasts, enhancing her femininity. Her pert nipples poke naughtily at the silken material, revealing a secret - that the bra she is wearing underneath, is a demi-cup bra that serves up her luscious breasts, as though on a platter, for our viewing pleasure. The tiny buttons on her blouse, strain to hold on, as her breasts seem ready to explode out of their satin confines. And sure enough, one-by-one the little guys lose their grip. And soon it becomes impossible for Sonia to maintain her modesty as she moves about the kitchen. Her naughty nipples keep peeking out of the ever-deepening neckline of her Silky blouse. As she moves this way and bends that way, we're able to see breathtaking downblouse views of the private curves of her ripe breasts, each view seeming even more erotic than the last! ...OH! And I almost forgot to mention: her panties (bright red little bikini panties with a see-through backside, so we can see her pretty bottom), her stockings (coppery brown full-fashioned nylon stockings with a Cuban heel), and her high-heels (a super-hot pair of red stiletto pumps with a 6-inch spike heel). You HAVE to see this photo set! It is definitely Sonia at her best!
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