Mini Full-Slip (part 1)

Brad's Description
full-slip high-heels see-through bikini panties Sonia comes home from work and steps out of her car, wearing a sexy purple mini skirt and lavender high-heels. A bit of white lace is peeking out from the bottom of her skirt, hinting at the sexy little mini full-slip she's wearing underneath. As she lifts the hatch and gets her brief case out of the back, she leans in and gives us a nice long look up her skirt at her pretty white see-through bikini panties. She shows more of her shapely legs and revealing panties, as she goes inside and climbs the stairs. Once in her bathroom, she slips out of her skirt and shows us more of her mini full-slip. Filling the tub and moving about the bathroom, Sonia is unable to keep her sexy panties from showing.Her little white full slip is barely long enough to cover her down to her hips! Once her top is removed, Sonia reveals more and more of her voluptuous body. The shoulder straps of her slip keep falling off her shoulder, allowing her full breasts to peek out teasingly.
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