Golden Sunshine Balcony Strip

Brad's Description
nylons lingerie full-fashioned nylon stockings garter belt sheer crinoline slip full-cut nylon brief panties This is one of Sonia's best photo sets of all time!  Sonia is one of the few women, these days, that really knows how to wear heels, nylons, dresses, and all the other feminine clothing and lingerie that, at one time, most women wore. In this photo set Sonia wears a vintage, yellow, full-skirted dress from the 1950s, and all of those wonderful and alluring undergarments that should always go with them! ... 6-inch high-heel pumps, full-fashioned nylon stockings, a sexy garter belt, a sheer crinoline slip, and golden-yellow silky full-cut nylon brief panties. And what's even better, is that Sonia is wearing these lovely things outside on our balcony. With the neighbors' houses in the background, we watch the wind blow Sonia's dress up above her waist, exposing her lingerie. Then she begins a mind-blowing strip-tease, right there on the balcony, slowly and tatalizingly revealing all of her beautiful lingerie. She reveals more and more of her lingerie, and more and more of her bombshell body, until she's standing at the railing of her balcony, wearing nothing but her stockings, her garters, and her high-heels!! You've got to see these pictures...they are amazing!
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