Self-Serve Car Wash

Brad's Description
see-through blouse stockings exhibitionist At the gas station, Sonia pumps her gas while dressed in a sheer see-through blouse, a pink mini-skirt, pink stockings and high-heels. Her skirt is so short, you can see her stocking tops as she removes the gas cap. And when she squats down to pick up her credit card, you get a peek up her skirt and see that she's wearing a pair of pale-green see-through bikini panties. Then, as you ride through the self-serve car wash with Sonia, you notice that a button or two on her see-through blouse have opened, revealing a sheer bra that matches her panties. There's plenty of time to enjoy the close-up view of her succulent nipples, showing through her bra, as the automated washer beats the car with its spinning brushes. After a quick wash, it's over to the vacuum, where you watch Sonia bending over to vacuum those hard-to-reach places. The views up her skirt are breathtaking, as Sonia bends and twists and reaches this way and that. In fact, it becomes obvious that Sonia's sheer panties are ALL sheer, with no cotton liner. And you can't take your eyes away, staring in delight and disbelief that you're seeing her dressed this way in public! But it gets even better when Sonia takes off her skirt and steps out of the car to put more coins in the machine, with all of her finest lingerie exposed to the world.Teetering on her pink high-heels, clad only in her stockings, lingerie, and an unbuttoned see-through blouse, Sonia stands in front of the vacuum canister, dropping in more coins. Now she take her time finishing her vacuuming AND showing off her sexy underwear!
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