A Peek at Nika

Brad's Description
full-fashioned stockings high-heel pumps girl girl Sonia, dressed in an elegant halter dress with coffee colored full-fashioned stockings, and chocolate brown HIGH-heeled pumps, plays pool with her friend Nika, in this super-hot girl-girl photo set. It is Nika's first time being photographed, but I don't think it will be her last! Dressed in a little black lace skirt and top, with shimmering black stockings and black patent leather pumps, Nika teases and plays with Sonia. Soon they are both distracted from the game as they tease and play with each other, peeking here and there, and allowing us to share those sexy views... Nika lifting up Sonia's dress and showing us the lacy pink panties and garter beneath. They end up on the pool table with their nylon covered legs entwined, in a blending of feminine curves and lingerie that is almost too good to be true!
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