Wet Panties (part 2)

Brad's Description
panties wet high-heels wet panties After successfully rescuing a silky pair of purple bikini panties from the pool, Sonia tries them on. This photo set starts with a beautiful sequence of pictures as Sonia looks at the wet purple panties she's holding, then holds them by the lacy waistband, ready to step into their inviting wetness. She balances on one very high and very wet high-heel as she slips her foot into the panties and guides them up her dripping legs. As she bends over to pull them up, the top of her dress gapes open, revealing an incredibly erect nipple. Then with her panties around her thighs, Sonia lifts her dress to her waist, as she tugs the clinging wet panties up over her hips and bottom. The tiny wet panties fit Sonia like a second skin. Now with the wet panties on, Sonia peels of her wet dress and gets back in the pool to enjoy the sensation of swimming in just her panties and high-heels. In the end, Sonia takes off her wet panties and wrings them out, letting them drip into her open mouth! The photo set comes to a close with some amazingly beautiful and surreal pictures of Sonia swimming naked in her pool.
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