Wet Panties (part 1)

Brad's Description
wet panties see-through panties Sonia is lounging by her pool on a bright summer day, wearing a tight white mini-dress. The loosely-fitting super-low-cut neckline of her dress, falls away from her breasts when she leans forward, often exposing them in their entirety, giving some of the most erotic down-blouse views I have ever seen! And looking up her dress, you can see the fine sheer fabric of her see-through panties. Her shapely legs look perfect, perched atop her dizzingly-high ankle-strap pumps. Looking out over the pool, Sonia notices a pair of purple bikini panties that must have blown off the clothesline and into the water... and they're sinking fast! Without hesitation Sonia steps into the pool, high-heels and all, to rescue her drowning panties. Once Sonia recovers her wet panties, she decides to enjoy the water some more. She takes off her strappy high-heels and pours the water out of them, then basks in the waterfalls flowing into the pool. The top of her white dress is now drenched and clinging to her breasts like a second skin, her nipples tantalizingly revealed in detail. As Sonia is getting out of the water, she stops and puts her heels back on. Then she lifts her wet clingy dress up over her hips and peels her wet see-through panties down and off her legs... Maybe she's getting ready to try on those pretty purple panties she found in the pool!
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