Changing Pink Panties

Brad's Description
pink full-cut brief panties Shiny silky pink full-cut panties caress Sonia's perfectly formed butt, as she stands with her calf-length dress tossed up over her hips. Garter straps extend from the leg openings of the panties down to the tops of her luxurious vintage RHT nylon stockings. One picture after another, puts you right there, within inches of Sonia's gorgeous bottom... so close, you can almost smell the alluring scent of her perfume. She pulls up the front of her dress and peels her pretty pink panties down, turning them inside out as they slide down her legs. They dangle from the toe of her high-heel as she reaches for another pair of pink panties to try on. The second pair of full-cut panties is pale pink with white lace appliques at the hips. Sonia enjoys their silky caress for a few moments before donning a beautiful pink half-slip. The lacy feminine garment entices you with its promise of an arousing silky touch. And then... you're on the floor looking up as Sonia steps over you. The view up her dress and up her pretty pink half-slip, is breathtaking, as it frames her pink-pantied bottom.
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