Teal Bikini Panties

Brad's Description
see-through string bikini panties full-fashioned stockings Most erotic pictorials begin with a woman dressed, and end with her nude. But it's a voyeuristic treat to watch Sonia doing the opposite... getting dressed. I guess it's the old "fly-on-the-wall" fantasy watching Sonia as she slips a bare leg into the leg opening of her see-thru string bikini panties. The silky sheer little teal-colored panties are the focus of this series as Sonia gets dressed. She steps into a lacy garter belt and carefully rolls up her tan, full-fashion stockings in her hands, before pulling the luxurious nylons up her legs. Sonia balances on one very-high-heel while fastening her garter straps to the stocking on her other leg. The backside of her panties is just a whisper of fabric, decorating her bottom more than covering it. The nearly-invisible nylon panties stretch across her incredible ass as she bends over the bed to reach for her dress. Then, with her green velvet mini-dress hugging her curves, Sonia lounges on the bed, teasing us relentlessly. The close-up shots of her teal bikini panties, and the views of them looking up her dress, are instantly arousing! And the close breast pics are so vivid it feels as though you could poke an eye out with those hard nipples! Sonia is obviously enjoying this photo shoot!
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