Naughty Nurse (part 1)

Brad's Description
Naughty Nurse (part 1) Naughty Nurse Sonia is waiting for you to arrive. She thinks you're late for your appointment. But what she doesn't realise is that you're hiding behind the privacy screen, watching her! As she looks through your file, you peek up her dress and see her shiny, white brief panties. Then you get a peek down her blouse and see her pretty white satin push-up bra. Nurse Sonia starts getting hot in anticipation of your visit, and starts unbuttoning some of the buttons on her white uniform. You can't help but wonder what she's thinking as she puts on a pair of rubber gloves and lays down on the table, feeling the silky nylon of her stockings with her latex covered hands. When she stands back up, she opens her dress all the way and you see the two little butterfiles on the front of her panties. She takes off one of her white high-heels and rubs her sore foot before sliding the pump back on. Somehow her heel gets caught in her panties, pulling them down around her hips. She looks helpless! Maybe now you should let her know you're there :-)
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