Turquoise Vanity Fair Briefs

Brad's Description
full-cut nylon brief panties vanity fair Sonia is wearing a super-short white mini-dress with white stay-up stockings, and white pumps. She sits down on her bed to pet her kitty, Johnny. Next to her on the bed is a pair of shiny turquoise Vanity Fair full-cut brief panties. She holds the panties up to look at them before stepping into their silky softness. Sonia stands up and slowly, teasingly, pulls her panties up her legs and over hips. She is such a tease with her silky full-cut nylon panties, 21 them this way and that, taking her time, prolonging the ecstasy. And just when her panties are up to her waist and she has her dress pulled back down, you find her standing bent over the bed, with her panties around her ankles now, looking for a different pair to wear!
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