Nighttime Car Wash (part 1)

Brad's Description
wet bikini panties wet t-shirt nylon Just after sunset, Sonia goes out to the driveway to wash the car. But she's not wearing what most women would wear to wash a car. No, no, no... not Sonia! No sweats and tennies for her. Instead, Sonia is wearing the highest of high-heel pumps, a sexy and very short little mini skirt, and a white t-shirt cut low at the neckline. When you peek up her skirt, you see she's wearing oh-so-sheer nylon string bikini panties. And soon you find out her sheer little panties are even more see-through when they get wet! And the t-shirt... well we all know what happens when a white t-shirt gets wet. And with Sonia catching a bit of a chill from her wet t-shirt, her pert nipples quickly spring in to action. With all of the great downblouse shots, views up her skirt, and wet pictures in the photo set, it is a voyeur's dream come true :-)
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