Nighttime Car Wash (part 2)

Brad's Description
wet bikini panties Now that Sonia's panties are all wet, she decides to take them off... right there in the driveway! She slides the tiny silky piece of sheer nylon material down her legs and off, over her dizzyingly high heels. But when she realizes that her little white mini-skirt is wet too, she decides she'd rather wear wet panties than a wet skirt (don't you just love how Sonia thinks?!). So she pulls her wet bikini panties back on, then steps out of her skirt. This makes for some wonderful pictures of Sonia in her pretty little wet, lace-front, sheer-back panties. In the end, her car isn't much cleaner than when she started... but then with a wet t-shirt and wet panty show like this... Who cares?!!
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