Black Net Mini

Brad's Description
bikini bathing suit see-through dress exposed On the banks of the Colorado River, Sonia stands in a pair of strappy high-heel sandals. Her white bikini bathing suit, barely able to hold her breasts, is covered by a black net mini dress. She reaches up under the short hem of black netting and peels down the strings that are tied at her hips. Her bathing suit bottoms fall to her ankles. As she turns to hang her string bikini bottoms on a nearby tree, the perfect cleavage of her bottom is revealed through the black net. Next she removes her bra-style bikini top, unclasping the back, and pulling her arms out through the shoulder straps. Sonia then pulls her bikini top out through the bottom of her black net mini dress, setting her breasts free, her perfect nipples poking proudly through the large holes of the netting. On the sandy banks, Sonia plays in the water, giving us tantalizing glimpses of her womanly form. Finally she removes her see-through dress and stands exposed, with nothing but a slim reed to maintain her modesty.
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