Dusting in a Lacy Full-Slip

Brad's Description
looking up her skirt at panties lacy full-slip If you've ever fantasized about holding a ladder steady for a beautiful woman and looking up her skirt, this photo set puts you right there! But instead of a skirt, you're looking up Sonia's wonderfully feminine lacy full-slip. This baby-blue slip has the widest lace hem I've ever seen on a slip. And looking up Sonia's pretty full-slip from this vantage point, just makes you want to put your face up under it, for a closer look at her see-through bikini panties, poised so temptingly over your head. You can almost smell Sonia's perfume, and feel the sheer nylon of her full-fashion stockings grazing against your face, as you steady the ladder for her. Like Sonia's very popular "Dusting in a Full-Slip" photo set, "Dusting in a Lacy Full-Slip" puts you in the ultimate position for a lingerie-lover, viewing all of the things you love to see... panties, stockings, garters and heels, and lots of lace and nylon!
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