Sheer Pink Nightie (part 1)

Brad's Description
back-seamed thigh-high stockings see-through nylon nightie brief panties Sonia is absolutely breathtaking in this photo set! She is wearing an incredible vintage nightgown, made of the sheerest and silkiest nylon fabric. When the breeze from her fan blows the skirt of the nightie, you can see how fine and light the material is. Sonia starts off by slipping into a pair of pink Olga brief panties (lots of rear-view shots here!) and pink back-seamed thigh-high stockings. She puts on the nightgown and it fits like it was custom taylored for her, hugging the curves of her breasts, waist, and hips. The sheer pink nightie reveals the pretty panties she's wearing underneath, as well as the dark circles of her nipples. Sonia then pulls her pink Olga brief panties down her legs and steps out of them, to trade them for a pair of the sheerest-of-the-sheer pink chiffon brief panties. Some of the shots of these panties are amazing, when you see how see-through they are! And when the breeze from the fan lifts up her nightgown, you see some beautiful low-angle views up her dress, looking all the way up Sonia's shapely legs, to the most beautiful spot I can imagine!
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