Office Tease (part 2)

Brad's Description
secretary office see-through blouse white panties upskirt Just when you think your job can't get any better, you peek into Sonia's office and see her lifting up her blouse and taking off her bra. She unclasps it and pulls it off her arms, then puts her sheer blouse back on. Seizing the opportunity, you make an excuse to go into her office. Then you make small talk with her as you watch her go about her business in her sexy outfit... answering the phone, filing, sitting on her desk, bending over to find some things in the storage cabinet. Her nipples are showing plainly through her see-through blouse, and she keeps flashing her pretty white bikini panties. She is teasing you so much that you begin to wonder if she knows how much she's showing, and if she's doing it on purpose...
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