Office Tease (part 1)

Brad's Description
secretary changing her stockings in the office see-through blouse Sonia is the office tease! She has a private office, but she always forgets to close her door. You make excuses to walk by her office all day, hoping to catch a glimpse. And then you finally hit the jackpot! She is wearing a see-through blouse that shows her lacy bra. And she's wearing a skirt so short that her half-slip keeps showing and she keeps exposing her shiny white bikini panties. You watch for a while, then you stick your head in to say "hi!" And when you do, she turns toward you, giving you a perfect view up her skirt, at her shinny white panties. When you come back later, you catch her in the middle of changing her stockings. She first changes from her white stockings, to a tan pair with black seams and black welt. Then she decides that her all-tan stockings will look best. Not only do you have the good fortune to observer her displaying her legs, stockings, garter, slip, panties, heels and feet, but now you notice that her perky nipples have peeked out from her lacy bra cups and are showing clearly through her bra. This is going to be one of those days that just goes by too fast! 
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