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upskirt view of lacy full-slip, nylon full-cut brief panties, black stockings, high-heels
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One of my earliest memories of lingerie, is of seeing a woman's slip peeking out from beneath her dress. And no one does it better than Sonia! As Sonia lays in bed reading, you see a glimpse of her lacy full-slip peeking out from the bottom of her dress. Then you notice that her top button is undone and you can see the lacy cups of the top of her slip peeking out too! As she turns back and forth, her dress creeps up higher revealing more and more of her slip, then finally her shinny white brief panties. She begins playing with her panties as she reads, and starts pulling them down slowly. They reach her knees, and then her ankles before she realizes you're watching and pulls them back up. But now her dress is unbuttoned except for a couple of strategic buttons at her waist. And you notice that you can still see her panties and black stockings and garter, through the thin material of her slip.
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