Pale Yellow Half-Slip & Brief Panties (part 1)

Brad's Description
full-fashioned nylon stockings silky brief panties stiletto heels garters panties Oh to watch Sonia in the privacy of her bedroom, sitting on the edge of her bed, her legs covered in luxurious sheer full-fashion nylon stockings, a peek up her dress at her silky brief panties... She stands up, balancing gracefully on her pale yellow stiletto heels. She lifts her dress to adjust her garters, the sheer silkiness of her panties revealed in all its glory. She holds her pale yellow half-slip in front of herself to see how it will fit... the lace may show a little bit... perfect! Sonia steps into her slip, the cool sensuous feeling of nylon against nylon as she slides it up her legs. As the slip caresses the curves of her hips, it reveals the visible panty lines of her briefs. She makes a few adjustments, lifts the slip up to look at her perfect panty-adorned rear, then pulls the lace of her slip back down to the tops of her stockings. Sitting on her bed next to a pile of pretty nylon panties, she selects another pair to try on. Frame-by-frame, the pictures follow her every move as she changes into another pair of silky brief panties. Then bending over the bed, Sonia allows a long look at her panties, as if you're kneeling behind her, looking up her dress. And after finding another pair of panties to change into, Sonia strips off the second pair, allowing a quick glimpse of her most private feminine charms.
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