Pale Yellow Half-Slip & Brief Panties (part 2)

Brad's Description
yellow brief panties nylon panties girdle garter half-slip Sonia continues her delightful teasing in part 2 of this series. Holding a new pair of golden yellow brief panties in her hands, she modestly tucks a knee in, in an attempt to cover her womanhood. Stepping into the silky panties, she pulls them up her legs and finds them to fit snugly around her hips. Several close-up shots show the sparkling nylon fabric stretched across the feminine curves of her bottom. On her bed, in a pile of panties, Sonia finds a lacy garter she wants to change into. Her firm round breasts strain at the fabric of her sweater-dress. After unclasping her garter straps, she pulls down her panties so she can remove her garter. She traps her panties between her knees as she reaches up under her slip to unclasp the last clip. Sonia then slides her girdle-garter down her nylon-encased legs and lifts the lacy hem of her half-slip, to clasp the new white lace garter around her waist. In the last frame, Sonia glances over, giving a look that makes you feel as though she has caught you peeking!
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