Peeping Tom (full-slip)

Brad's Description
woman ironing in full slip nylons heels You climb up to Sonia's balcony, quietly lifting yourself over the railing, hoping to catch a glimpse of her in her bedroom... Imagine your surprise when you find Sonia in her bedroom wearing a slip as she irons her dress!! She adjusts her stockings and her panties, looking right into the window. You feel like she must see you, but then you realize that she is just looking at her reflection in the window. Nevertheless, her smile makes you wonder... She comes right over to the window to unplug the iron. And when bending down, her shoulder strap slips off her shoulder and the cup of her slip falls away from her breast! She decides to change into a pair of white stockings, so she peels off her beige stockings and slides on the white ones! After putting her shoes back on, she takes off her slip, apparently having decided to change her panties. She's standing right in front of you, her panties pulled down to her ankles, and you hear a noise behind you!! You better get out of there before you get caught!!!
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