Peeping Tom (girdle)

Brad's Description
peeping at a woman wearing a girdle, stockings, and high-heels You realize the noise you heard was just a cat, and you climb back up on Sonia's balcony. She has removed her white panties, and is now wearing sheer, lavender, high-cut briefs. No top...and no bra... You get a good look at those sheer panties as Sonia removes her garter belt, and begins stepping into her girdle. She pulls the elastic material up her legs and over her hips and attaches all six clasps to her stockings. Sonia is standing there, topless, wearing her girdle, stockings, and heels, when she turns and looks at the window. You quickly duck out of the way, but you look back when you realize she is just using the window as a dressing mirror.
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