Pile of Panties (part 2)

Brad's Description
Pile of Panties (part 2) Sonia continues modeling her panties for you, selecting from the pile of sexy panties lying in a silky heap on her couch. She lets you direct her into any position you wish, as you gaze hungrily at the panties she's wearing for you, viewing them from every imaginable angle... sparkling purple full-cut brief panties caressing her round bottom, lacy lavender hip-hugger briefs kissing the womanly curves of her hips, see-through chiffon panties showing more of Sonia's charms than they hide, and shiny light-blue briefs with lace panels at the hips as feminine and beautiful as Sonia herself. With each pair of panties, your excitement grows, until you begin to wonder if you can last through all of the panties she has left! Maybe? Maybe not! But it will be fun trying!
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