Open Bottom Girdle

Brad's Description
open bottom girdle full-fashioned stockings nylon panties In this breathtaking series, Sonia reminds us of how wonderful it is to see a beautiful woman dressed in truly feminine clothing. Her stunning white vintage Bob Mackie cocktail dress is made of yards and yards of floaty silky chiffon with a built-in slip underneath. This photo set gives you a worm's-eye view up the buttery-soft chiffon skirt of Sonia's dress. Looking up her dress, you'll see the tops of her coffee colored full-fashioned nylon stockings, held by the clasps of her shimmering white open-bottom girdle, which encases her perfect bottom, which is caressed by her sheer white polka dot hiphugger panties. And when you're not peeking up Sonia's dress, you'll be sneaking down-blouse peeks, as her full breasts swell over the top of her dress and her perky nipples pop out as if aching to be free from their silken confines. Sonia then reaches behind her back for her zipper and is soon standing on a fluffy cloud of chiffon as she shows you how tightly her girdle hugs her bottom. Then she peels her girdle off, so she can show you how sheer her panties really are!
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