Pink Negligee

Brad's Description
negligee lingerie silky panties No flannel pajamas for Sonia tonight! No sirree! As a matter of fact, I can't for the life of me, figure out why they even MAKE flannel pajamas! ...Not when women could be wearing beautiful, feminine, silky, luxurious, negligees like the pink negligee Sonia is wearing in these pictures. And lucky for us, Sonia sees it the same way. Her closet is filled with so many wonderful lingerie items, that she's just fresh out of room for anything made of flannel. Sweeeet! And what's even better, is that her bed is covered with an assortment of her finest silky panties too... You guessed it! No scratchy "sensible" panties here. Every pair was made to enhance the sensual pleasure of the woman that wears them (lovely Sonia of course), and the voyeuristic pleasure of those who are lucky enough to peek into her bedroom doorway and watch her trying them all on ...(that's you and me, thanks to my trusty camera and this little homemade web site). So -- let's crack that bedroom door and see which panties Sonia's wearing now...
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