Pink Panty Picnic (part 1)

Brad's Description
Pink Panty Picnic (part 1) Sonia spreads a blanket on the shore of Crowley Lake in California's Northern Sierra. Her shapely legs are wrapped in sheer vintage nylon stockings. Her six inch black leather stilletto heels are an unusual yet very pleasant site in this rural location. As she sits and lays in different positions on her picnic blanket, her shiny silky pink bikini panties are revealed up her flowered sundress. The scoop neck of her dress slips down off of her shoulders and her breasts escape their confines. After having a little snack, Sonia unclasps the suspenders of her garterbelt and slips out of her sheer nylons, holding one up to blow sensuously in the warm summer breeze. The sun is dipping low, but there's still time for more fun, before it slips behind the mountains...
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