Pink Panty Picnic (part 2)

Brad's Description
Pink Panty Picnic (part 2) Sonia removes her pink garter belt and lifts up her dress to show her pretty pink bikini panties shimmering at the top of her bare legs. She pulls her panties down teasingly, revealing the top of her smooth buttocks. She takes her time sliding her panties down her shapely legs, prolonging her seduction. With her panties around her knees, she moves to her knees, and then stands up for some more revealing shots. Sonia then pulls her silky pink panties back up and steps out of her dress for several pictures on the shores of Crowley Lake, in nothing but her panties and her black stilletto high-heels. After she has packed up her picnic basket we stopped for several more bonus pictures on our way out, just after the sun had set.
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